The complete guide to cooking eggs every which way

You’ve had scrambled eggs. You’ve had poached eggs. But have you had poached-scrambled eggs?

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False rape accusations are an anomaly.

True rape accusations are a norm.

You’re, quite literally, more likely to be killed by a comet than falsely accused of rape.

A man is more likely to BE RAPED than to be falsely accused of rape.

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"The purpose of understanding your privilege isn’t to make you feel something. Not guilt, not shame, not anything else. It’s to help you understand that you have a set of things you take for granted that other people don’t have, so that you can change the way you act."
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A breakdown of medieval armor, since a lot of pieces are required to create a full suit.

"Adults tend to think that today’s teens are wildly irresponsible about sex. But according to reputable data sources, teens today are not only more responsible about sex than their parents were when they were their age; in many cases, they’re more responsible about sex than their parents are now."
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"In 1979, when the minimum wage was $2.90, a hard-working student with a minimum-wage job could earn enough in one day (8.44 hours) to pay for one academic credit hour. If a standard course load for one semester consisted of maybe 12 credit hours, the semester’s tuition could be covered by just over two weeks of full-time minimum wage work—or a month of part-time work. A summer spent scooping ice cream or flipping burgers could pay for an MSU education. The cost of an MSU credit hour has multiplied since 1979. So has the federal minimum wage. But today, it takes 60 hours of minimum-wage work to pay off a single credit hour, which was priced at $428.75 for the fall semester."

The Myth of Working Your Way Through College - Svati Kirsten Narula - The Atlantic (via infoneer-pulse)

As the article points out, this is before you take into consideration the cost of living, transportation, health care, or any other costs.

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A list of all massacres of Indigenous Australians that happened in Victoria. I feel this information needs to be shared as people don’t know nearly enough about Indigenous Australians and do not know how horribly we were and still are treated. Nothing else needs to be said as the list tells it all. Click the photos to save a bigger image for reading the list clearly. 

Photo/display credit: Brambuk - The National Park & Cultural Centre.

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"If owning a gun and knowing how to use it worked, the military would be the safest place for a woman. It’s not.

If women covering up their bodies worked, Afghanistan would have a lower rate of sexual assault than Polynesia. It doesn’t.

If not drinking alcohol worked, children would not be raped. They are.

If your advice to a woman to avoid rape is to be the most modestly dressed, soberest and first to go home, you may as well add “so the rapist will choose someone else”.

If your response to hearing a woman has been raped is “she didn’t have to go to that bar/nightclub/party” you are saying that you want bars, nightclubs and parties to have no women in them. Unless you want the women to show up, but wear kaftans and drink orange juice. Good luck selling either of those options to your friends.

Or you could just be honest and say that you don’t want less rape, you want (even) less prosecution of rapists."
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You can’t have the right to bodily autonomy without first having the right to live.



Therefore, the right to live supersedes the right to bodily autonomy.

Nope. You forget that the right of bodily autonomy is the one right that exists even when life ceases to exist. We are prohibited from harvesting organs from corpses if they did not register as organ donors before death. 

We’re not allowed to force people to give blood, tissue, or organs like a kidney or half a liver even if it might save someone else’s life. 

A person is allowed to KILL another person in self-defense-even if that person weren’t necessarily trying to kill them (assaulting or raping them, for example) that person would have a justifiable reason to kill their attacker because the attacker is infringing on their right to bodily autonomy.

Those are all instances where right to bodily autonomy supersedes right to life. 

Two things are required to have bodily autonomy: a body and biological autonomy-i.e. not living off the body/organs/internal resources of another living person while that person is also using them. 

So, in essence, you are completely and one hundred percent wrong.

Good day.

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